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RE: [SLUG] Slow to pop

Thanx Glen but that doesn't shed any light I'm afraid, both connect pretty
much straight away !
Can't be a mailbox size issue as all mail is removed after being popped.

Any other ideas ?



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On 27/09/2001 at 11:33 PM Peter  McCarthy pmccarth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>I have noticed that when poping (mail retrieval) off my RH7.1 Linux box my
>Win PC is very slow to do the p.o.p.
>When poping from past it to the internet, it works quite quickly.  It just
>looks like it is slow off my box which tells me that it is my end.  Has
>anyone else had a similar experience with POP3d ?
>Where would I start to look to check this out ?
>/var/log/maillog doesn't say anything special.

This can be a few things....

If the mailbox grows in size, all Linux pop3d software is slow......in my
exp. (ie 30-50meg box)
DNS or identd could be the other source

Give more info, connect to port 110 with telnet by name and see how long
the response takes, then by IP and note response time, if telnet responds
straight away, it is likely box size....also do not deny identd with
ipchains etc (you can use reject).


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