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Re: [SLUG] presentation software

im more a fan of vi then cat

if you wana string them together then just
write a quite shell script that cats each
file in a directory with a key press in between

for example


for foo in /home/me/presentation/*txt ; do

cat $foo


or you could just do it the shell way of
cat /home/me/presentation/*txt | more

but that would be just plain showing off


Edwin Humphries wrote:

I know all the hairy-chested guys out there are using technically elegant systems such as latex et al, but why not use magicpoint, K- present, or the presentation modules from StarOffice or Applixware (not that I've been able to get the letter to work just yet!)?

On 28 Sep 2001, at 14:29, James Peter Gregory wrote:

I've been asked to give a talk about some stuff to do with 'ecommerce'
and the so-called 'internet' and stuff and I'd like to be able to give
such a presentation on a linux system so that I can run apache and
mozilla and stuff during the presentation. (entirely separate from the
fact that I can't stand windows)

what sort of presentation software are people using?

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