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Re: Fixed: Re: [SLUG] RH7.1, Gnome, Sawfish & 4x4 desktops

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Terry Collins wrote:

> configuration in the middle of the gnome control panel and turning the
> four workspaces off, followed by a restart of X (cntrl+alt+backspace)

Arg! Thats almost like a reset. Try the gnome 'logout' so it can
do a more orderly shutdown.

> As I understand it, gnome was running four desktops/workspaces and
> sawfish was running four in each of those.

I'm new to gnome, but that doesnt sound right. Its all done by the
window manager.

You had four workspaces, each containing 2x2 desktops, right?
Workspaces are separate, desktops 'join'. ie a window can be half on one
and half on the next desktop. So which do you have now?
   It can all be set by gnomecc->sawfish->workspaces->workspaces

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