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Re: [SLUG] Kernel

Adam Vaughan wrote:


We have our own software that uses TCP/IP communications.  Certain
parameters in Redhat 7 have had to be set/changed for this software to

Now Redhat 7.1 does not work.  What are the differences in the TCP/IP
implelentation between Redhat 7 and Redhat 7.1?

Any help or even an e-mail address for someone who can help me you be greatly appericated.

It is very unlikely that you have tweeked TCP/IP itself, more used the standard configurations to make it work and you are having problems with this.

Is your box acting as a firewall on your network?

Can your box do general network things like ping other boxes within your network and outside your network.

Can you ping arbitrary names liek ibm.com to verify that your DNS is working.

Some of the security stuff in RedHat was tightened a fair bit with the latest upgrade. The port that you are using may be blocked by a firewall rule.

Can you give us soemthing to work with so we can actually help you.

(To the list please, I may not be qualified to answer your real question)