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Re: [SLUG] Replacing Windows!

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, jon wrote:
If you use Postfix this is fairly easily fixed by editing
/etc/postfix/main.cf to include the line
in my case myorigin=bigpond.com

If you use sendmail, there is probably something similar.
BTW fetchmailconfig is a neat GUI to setting up your
/home/user/.fetchmailrc file to handle nice features like name-here and

 :Hello all,
:I'm trying to replace winblows with Linux, and doing quite well, so
:far. My major requirement is handling email. I'm using Slackware 8.0
:and I've got ppp (connecting to my ISP, www.sunink.com) and the email
:retrieval bit working well using fetchmail, and the sending seems to
:work (which is sendmail, I think but I haven't touched that, I think
:fetchmail setup configured something there to make it work).  I'm
:using mutt as my email client, and I can send myself email to
:jon@xxxxxxxxxx (which eventually turns up back on my linux box as new
:mail) and my hotmail account, but I also tried sending an email to
:this list and it got unceremonious kicked because whatever it is that
:receives the mail at slug.org.au tries to validate the sender (or the
:senders domain, I'm not sure) which it sees as jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
:which is what I called my linux box, and which I guess doesn't really
:exist on the net?!
:Not sure where to go from here ... am currently seaching google for
:windows to linux howtos, but I thought I'd try here too.
:Any ideas/pointers/suggestions?
:Jonathan Kelly.
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