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RE: [SLUG] VERY worrying

On 10-Sep-2001 Silcock, Stephen wrote:
> Wouldn't this apply in the US only?

maybe, maybe not. depends upon the implementation. Of the law is passed, all
PC's, handhelds, etc manufactured in, or for the US market will be subject to
having the encryption hardware.

If the implementation requires a connection to be verified by said hardware,
then I can see it being the case that you and I might not be able to connect to
servers that are _in_ the US, because our external PC's would not be able to 
pass said verification. For example.


> I know the Americans *think* they rule
> the world, and many countries will probably follow along like well behaved
> little puppies; but surely there'd be countries that would continue to
> produce plain vanilla hardware (with a corresponding increase in commerce
> from people who prefer their PC's be their own)?  I'm thinking China for
> one... they seem to have this paranoid obsession with not having US
> encryption in their hardware.
> It would also seem an excellent way to encourage vendors to pack up and move
> offshore; a bold move given the growing popularity of Linux and the BSD's...
> S.   :)
>> Most have probably seen this but.....
>> http://slashdot.org/articles/01/09/08/0238200.shtml
>> VERY worrying, even for us here in Australia.
>> Gnuthad
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