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Re: [SLUG] Answer + Disappointment

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From: "Rick Moen" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I may regret speaking up, since I _wasn't_ Jeff's target, but I doubt
> that saying "Please learn how to find out the information yourself via
> google/HOWTOs/etc." could be reasonably labelled "flaming of eager
> learners".

The thrust of said essay seems to discount that there is more than one way
of learning.
Its clear that we need to allows many different types of learners easy
access to the knowledge they inevitably need for working with linux.

At the price of a few stupid questions, perhaps even a flood, its worth it
not to drive away the unwashed masses. I'm not encouraging laziness, however
some people need more obvious explanations than those contained even in the
HOWTO or buried in an old email found on the web.