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Re: [SLUG] Answer + Disappointment

<quote who="Rick Moen">

> Are you quite done self-righteously painting me as some sort of villain,
> for the horrific crime of trying to help newcomers get more-useful and
> more-reliably-provided help, to _prevent_ them from being ignored or
> flamed?

No, like I said, I linked to it from the SLUG webpages because I knew some
of our newer members and posters would find it valuable.

> Have I said something to annoy you personally, let alone deserve this?  Or
> were you perhaps just having a bad day, and wanting to share it?

Nothing personally, and I'm sorry I want so far as to be personal in my
previous email.

Three times since the publication of the essay I've seen it used as a
license to be rude and unkind to new users, which, whilst not the intensions
of the authors, gave me a vastly different second reading of it.

  There's nothing that whinging can do that bug reports can't do better, so
  I will certainly be posting some suggestions to Eric.

Sorry for the foolishly invoked flamefest, everyone.

- Jeff

   "I came for the quality, but I stayed for the freedom." - Sean Neakums