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Re: [SLUG] Answer + Disappointment

<quote who="Andre Pang">

> i don't really consider that to be a flaming, Jeff.  i'm pointing out that
> maybe he should try other sources of information.  please re-read what i
> wrote and reconsider whether it was a direct attack on him.  see below.

I thought it was a bit unmild. :)

> (i have no idea who Mr. Moen is, btw :).

A "random dude" who has written a lot of good stuff, and then this essay.

> and i didn't explain winbind because it looked like that was not what he
> was after; iirc his original message was how to map NT usernames -> Linux
> usernames, which is exactly what that option does.

It does, but not to the extent that winbind (mentioned specifically in his
email) does. You actually have to maintain username.map and the users on the
Linux box, etc., etc.

> sorry for cc'ing this to slug-list, but i felt like _i_ was getting an
> undeserved flaming as well.  in retrospect, i should have expressed things
> in a different manner, but i honestly didn't expect it to be interpreted
> quite like that.

It was indeed an undeserved flaming of you in particular, though it was
directed upward and outward. You just got to be the last straw in a litany
of annoying offenders. ;)

Sorry, Andre.

- Jeff

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