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[SLUG] Answer + Disappointment

<quote who="Andre Pang">

> > Somebody have a good docs/HOWTO about mapping users in NT to the Linux?
> in another note, please learn how to find out the information yourself via
> google/HOWTOs/etc.  just as an exercise, i typed in "map usernames from
> windows to linux with samba" into google and it was third hit.

Is everyone suddenly so overcome with Mr. Moen and Mr. Raymond's essay into
the "correct way to show respect to those groovier than thou", that random
flamings of eager learners on the SLUG list are now acceptable?

For all your haste to judge Phillipus' email, you've missed the opportunity
to answer the bloody question (ie. using winbind). Phillipus may not have
come up Rick and Eric's high-falutin' standards, but I would hope that the
more knowledgeable participants on the SLUG list would think about their own
learning experiences when posting these sorts of replies. Just be kind,
please. [1]

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Phillipus, you can find out more about Winbind here:


There's also a fair bit of documentation in the tarball itself. Keep in mind
that you'll have to deal with PAM issues, as well as all the usual Windows
authentication issues, so you may want to familiarise yourself with it too.

Winbind lets you basically ignore the linux machine's authentication system,
letting the PDC handle it all. You might also want to look at pam_smb, which
is less flexible, but quicker to set up and deal with for smaller tasks.

- Jeff

[1] I linked this essay from the front page of slug.org.au, because I
thought it was a valuable tool for new users to understand the sometimes odd
behaviour of people in this community.

Unfortunately, it now comes across to me as an excuse for otherwise kind and
normal people to act like selfish wizards-in-towers, and demand some kind of
pathetic respect due to their uncanny ability to hoard their knowledge.

Sorry, but if that forfeits my right to be in "the leet hacker's cool group"
with the likes of Rick and Eric, I'm still not going to play the part.

    "...and did you know that Twisties have real cheese in them?" - Dave    
        "I didn't even think they had real twists in them!" - Andrew