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Re: [SLUG] tape backup?

begin Richard Blackburn quotation:
> Someone just gave me a HP Colorado T1000e tape backup unit. Obviously
> from the last century. Anyone know if it's useable with Linux and what
> it's storage capacity is?

Hmm.  Nasty piece of work, that.  It uses a parallel-port interface, and
does a protocol called "epat" over it.

The T1000e is just the external version of the T1000, so you can look 
up on-line materials on the latter, and they'll apply.


It uses QIC-80/80Wide/80XL Travan cartridges (expensive!):  400MB before
compression.  It also can do read-only access to QIC-40 cartridges.

http://www.torque.net/linux-pp.html isn't hopeful on the Linux-support
front, which isn't surprising.  I think you're out of luck.  I think
it's what Tolkein called a "mathom".  ;->

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