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Re: [SLUG] scp between SSH v1.2.6 and v2.5.2 on Redhat

Today, Minh Van Le wrote:

> Is there an incompatibility between scp for ssh 1.2.6 and 2.5.2 ?
Not that I know of - unless you have a config problem.
Then again:  Why are you running ssh with a version < 2.9p2 on any
There are deadly vulnerabilities in 1.2.6 and friends and there are
serious vulnerabilities with 2.5 and friends.  Please use the latest ones
only - especially when you are talking about security issues.  And of
course scp and sftp will work fine.  Personally, I use "rsync -aessh ..."
thanks to Tridge (this conserves network bandwidth as much as possible by
only transferring differences between the files).

If you need RPM's I can get them to you somehow (these were created on a
TurboLinux system but should work fine on RH or MDK).


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