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Re: [SLUG] more Sendmail stuff

* This one time, at band camp, Peter McCarthy said:
> Howdy
> In my quest to upgrade from my old RH6.1 to RH7.1 sendmail seems to have chaged
> significantly
> My task is to be able to accept email from two domains
> eg user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx get mapped to the same "user"
> account
> In the old version of sendmail all i had to do was drop the name into the
> sendmail.cw file
> This new version has a lot more tweaky bit but I am getting lost in the
> sendmail.org web stuff.  Has anyone got a simple answer to this ?

If you want to map one user to another, you can use the virtualuser
table.  That can map individual users to individual users, multiple users
to a single user or multiple users to multiple users.

Most default RH installs have that setup by default, you just need to
add the entries.

Mail me off list if you need more assistance.

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