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Re: [SLUG] Best Mailing List software?

<quote who="Jon Teh">

[ 8< snip lots of good comments from Malcolm 8< ]

> From: Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > The only drawback that people comment on is that it's
> > archiving/searching portion is a bit less than perfect.

Heh, we must have heard different ends of the issue stick. ;)

The only issue that I've heard against it is the "Password? But I have no
password!" problem. In upcoming versions, there'll be more preferences to
deal with this appropriately. We'd probably stick with the passwords for
SLUG, but you'd want to use another policy for, say, your Mum's folk art
group. ;)

[ Great bonus: Hacking Mailman is not too hard at all. ]

> > Jeff probably has some opinions on this, since I know he did magic stuff
> > when fixing up the SLUG archives recently.

Yeah - "Mailman's internal pipermail code sucks the arse." :)

I've used the external archiver option, and thrown together some shell
script / MHonArc / Namazu foo (inspired mostly by the GNOME mail archives)
and made it pretty. Shell script for automated archival to the correct date
(creation of folders, etc), MHonArc for the actual archives with plenty of
formatting customisations, and Namazu for really kickarse archive searching
(with enhancements for MHonArc targets).

Apart from not being able to search specifically on the SLUG list archives,
it works very nicely, although I will be migrating a lot of it to be more

> The best MTA is postfix, at least according to Xfire on friday, so I'll go
> with Postfix.

Heh. How about, "the MTA that will most suit my purpose"? :) I found that
replacing exim with postfix on the SLUG machine was more efficient, but no
one really jumped up and down about it. I do prefer the relative simplicity
of postfix over the more convoluted MTAs though.

> Decent Archives/searching is required, so that may be a negative point for
> Mailman.

I'm either going to publish the shell script, namazu integration and
formatting stuff with comments, or hack most of it into Mailman itself and
send a patch. If you want me to publish the existing stuff sooner, send me
death threats or something.

- Jeff

                        Great minds think different?