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Re: [SLUG] basic: ...?

On Sun, 2 Sep 2001, Phillipus Gunawan wrote:

> How to put a username and password in the Linux server because we have
> many 'root' users with different password? The group will be 'client'

If you dont get much response here, it may be a languauge problem. Maybe
someone there can help you explain? (Come to think of it, that applies to
a few locals!)
  If it helps, you can have multiple 'root' entries in the password file,
with different passwords, shells, and home dirs, and so different
environments. Just set the UID to 0 for each one.

> because my other friends want to play around/learning Linux as a root

If you want to "play around as root", VMware will give you a clean
virtual PC to play with. You can set it so all changes are temporary.

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