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Re: [SLUG] Crash and burn...

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 04:15:34PM +1000, Martin Hunt uttered:
> Running RHL 7.1 sometimes when starting Gnome the computer freezes and then
> when I reboot Linux won't load properly.
> I get this CLI shell that says I can fix the problem before rebooting but I
> have no idea how to figure out what is missing/corrupted and then fix it.
> When running in rescue mode what should I do to fix the system without
> re-installing RHL from scratch????
Okay, what's happening here, is you are reseting your machine, and that
means the filesystem isn't being unmounted cleanly, so that when you start
it up again, fsck (FileSystem ChecK) is run over the partition, and finds
something it can't fix by itself. It drops you to a shell, where you should
fsck your disks (fsck /dev/hdaX), where X is the partition number. Then
reboot, _cleanly_, and it should boot up fine.

Please slap me if I've explained with too many technical terms. :-(

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