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Re: [SLUG] Red Hat 6 Installation

Raena Lea-Shannon was once rumoured to have said:
> Dear Slug,
> I am installing RH 6 on a Pentium 75. Booting on the boot floppy is not a 
> problem. It identifies the CD ROM Drive (Panasonic/Scoundblast CR) but then 
> it has problems reading the CD ROM. It tries in lots of 3, I think gets to 
> line blah thousand then just does that over and over  and over, layer etc.

This sounds like the Panasonic 562 or 563.  Most of these old CD-ROM
drives are non-functional nowadays due to wear and tear.  (My one died
back in '97 after 3 years of faithful service).  The electronics are
fine, of course, but the drives fail to track on CD-Rs and most
pressed CDs properly.

These drives use the sbpcd driver.  The driver was working fine last
time I tried it (back 2.0 days).

Given that a new ATAPI CD-ROM drive costs ~$60 (last time I looked),
I'd just go out and buy one of those.

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