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Re: [SLUG] Red Hat 6 Installation

> On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 05:35:33PM +1000, Raena Lea-Shannon
(raena@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > Dear Slug,
> >
> > I am installing RH 6 on a Pentium 75. Booting on the boot floppy is not
> > problem. It identifies the CD ROM Drive (Panasonic/Scoundblast CR) but
> This card/cdrom requires proprietry drivers, I wouldnt think that there's
> one available.
> You're better off buying a second hand IDE cdrom and use that.

If it's one of the original soundblaster drives there are certainly drivers
for it (or at least there was back in 1.2 or whatever).  My first Linux
system had one of those and it worked fine (tho IIRC you needed to hack the
header to tell it the IRQs etc).  sbpcd was the name of the driver.