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[SLUG] Red Hat 6 Installation

Dear Slug,

I am installing RH 6 on a Pentium 75. Booting on the boot floppy is not a problem. It identifies the CD ROM Drive (Panasonic/Scoundblast CR) but then it has problems reading the CD ROM. It tries in lots of 3, I think gets to line blah thousand then just does that over and over and over, layer etc.

I have read and re-read all the Specs and checked all the RH faq's and Master guides but have found no answer.

I am using a CD that a friend made not the RH official stuff but their installation was fine using it.

Any ideas? I am not too into the idea of trying a hard drive install. I tried the DOS method and the DOS prompt would not change to d: at the boot stage although it will find d: once you have windows up.

Should I try another Linux distro?