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Re: [SLUG] eth0 to use dhcp or static

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Mehmet Ozdemir <mehmeto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote...

| Hello All,
| I was wondering is it possible to setup eth0 so that it get's it's ip
| address via dhcp, or if dhcp server is unavailable use a static ip,
| subnet, dns.
| I ask this as I have a notebook, and it's a pain waiting for the eth0
| to timeout. 
| I running rh7.1 on a dell notebook.
| Regards
| Mehmet Ozdemir

Try looking at Netenv - http://netenv.sf.net

Netenv can provide a boot time menu (configurable) where you can select
your current network settings. This way, you can select your network
settings for work or home (typically), or have one set a default, and run
the program after the system has loaded.

  Matt 'Dopey' Hope                              matth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx