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Re: [SLUG] Fwd: pam_smb question

On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 12:11:48PM +1000, Luke McKee wrote:
> I haven't seen my message come back from Samba list for about a hour so
> I may as well post to slug.
> The problem I am having seems to be more to do with PAM than with
> pam_smb_auth.
> Before PAM decides to load in any modules it decides to peruse
> /etc/passwd to see if a user is in there.
> Does anyone have a idea why PAM would do this?

Perhaps its to get a uid, gid, shell, home dir and etc, which I don't
think it can get from a PDC (yet?).

I've also found that the account needs to be unlocked. No doubt there
is a better way, but I usually do something like 
usermod -p 'junk' username, which puts the word junk in the
/etc/shadow where a passwd hash usually goes. I'm guessing that
no password hash will ever match 'junk', its too short for a start.
Hopefully someone will speak up if I'm wrong :)

It would be good if you post what you find out to list.