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[SLUG] nice S/MIME tool

Here is the location of the really nice tool I mentioned at the last
meeting near the end of free software email dream team talk.
Mimesend cand send messages from the command line that are signed with
PKCS#7 signatures or fully encrypted. It is just a front-end for
There are also some c programs for verifying S/MIME signatures included
that some people could get going with MUTT and other Linux utils.


Rather than persecuting Outlook lamers as demonstrated last Friday
(using message headers to display dialogues), you can patronize them by
letting them see "nice" security messages and icons everywhere.
This is great because when you have to deal with people who use Outlook
& Nutscrape messager (mostly off the Slug mailing list) it can be good
for your business image.
Also Thawte has stopped producing PGP certificates I believe, so I guess
more and more people will be pushed into using S/MIME. The only S/MIME
tools I found on freshmeat were all commercial.

Hope this helps someone.


Luke McKee