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Re: [SLUG] LInk to discussion page from monthly meeting

<quote who="Ken Foskey">

> I would like an overview of the mail tools presentation given at the 
> meeting.  I have tried to search the archives but I give up,  searching 
> on MUTT confused the search engine with the user agent rather than the 
> text content  (bug!)  I had the flu and missed the actual presentation.

A fair bit of what I went through is actually in the archives, search for
mutt and jdub. :)

> Were there any notes posted, and archive link,  at web page, 
> anything....  (I have changed ISPs and I lost my link to slug a while 
> back during a mail server outage, read litany of small errors).

No, but on Monday I'll be putting up the meeting report (Catie will be
reviewing my talk, 'cos I'd say insensitive things reviewing my own talk,
and would probably hurt my feelings), and I'll get my arse into gear with
the conf files soon after that.

> By the way I am using Mozilla 0.9  and it has some serious issues, 
> crashes regularly, flash bombs it out etc.  I just picked a standard 
> download from the page,  any suggestions on making it more stable. 
> netscape 4.7 looks pretty good right now!

Hrm. You might want to try one of the nightlies. I know they're meant to be
less stable than releases, but I've only ever had a couple of real duds.

Try it... You'll like it! ;)

- Jeff

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