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Re: [SLUG] Good Editors for C development

This one time, at band camp, Mike Holland said:
>On Thu, 24 May 2001, Andrew Reilly wrote:
>> There are two equally valid answers, and they have existed for a
>> _very_ long time.  These are:
>> 1) Unix (with vi or some other editor)
>You mean working at the shell level?
>Is it possible to integrate vi with compilation & debugging?
>- click on compiler error message to jump to that line in editor
>- single-stepping though source in the editor.

Personally, I use vim, and use :make to build the code.  Vim knows about
gcc errors, so it takes you to the line that the error was reported on.
You can run your compiled program from inside vim, too.

As for singlestepping source, use the cursor keys :)  Seriously, ddd is
an awesome debugger, it's based arouns gdb, but has a clicky interface


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