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Re: [SLUG] simple problem - RH7.0 & PAM - [NOFLAMES]

Luke McKee was once rumoured to have said:
>> ---BEGIN---
>> chris@eris:~$ rpm -qf /lib/security/pam_stack.so 
>> pam-0.72-37
>> ---END---
>> Ergo, there will be a source RPM called pam-0.72-37 available from all
>> good RedHat 7.0 mirrors.
>> HTH.  HAND.
>> C.
> Crossie I wont bitch with you this time. I'll just paste a line from my last
> email.
>>> Last time I upgraded PAM from using a source version, redhat 6.0 I
>>> didn't have any problems.

Dare I ask why you're doing some so fundamentally foolish as upgrading
PAM from source then?  Why won't the currently installed version
> try typing these commands like I did.
> [lmc@ventura Linux-PAM-0.75]# find ./ -name 'pam_stack*
> As you will see that pam_stack is not included in the PAM source
> distribution - nor is it linked to on the Linux-PAM website.
> Not all software comes from Redhat's RPM directory :-)

You're obviously forgetting that I'm primarily a Debian user at home.
I just have RedHat at work.  In fact, if you'd bothered to read my
website, you'd realise that.

The thing is, if its in redhat, and its open source, its availible in
SRPM format.

[pam-0.72 contains a copy of RedHat's PAM source post rpm -bp (prep source)]
chris@eris:/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/pam-0.72$ find . -name 'pam_stack*'

Further inspection shows that this module is contained the the source
tar.gz "pam-redhat-0.72-26.tar.gz".

Checking the RPM's change log reveals...

* Mon Mar 20 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin@xxxxxxxxxx>
- Add new pam_stack module.

RedHat does produce their own stuff for their distros without
submitting it back to the main tree. pam_stack is obviously one such

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