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RE: [SLUG] Re. Debian birth pangs: mail and Lilo ...

Thanks, Craigie.

	I have "Debian GNU/Linux for Dummies" by Michael Bellomo (2000) which is a
little out of date compared to 2.2.r3 but nevertheless has plenty of
relevant accessible material which has helped demystify the install process.
I'll have a look at the book you recommend.

	I've edited Lilo so that (I think) it works - a few minutes ago - but when
installing 2.2.r3, X Windows refused to load which is ironic because I had
it (and Gnome) running under 2.2.r2. I'll try setting it up with
'xf86config' when I have time, otherwise I'll re-run the install process.

	My mail system is OK. PPP and exim were configured during installation but
I was sad there was no Mutt included with the base installation or the
network software package. I'll check the CD's, otherwise I'll download from

	One thing which worries me is that a number of device drivers did not
install, specifically lp (printer) and none of the CD-ROM ones. This
happened under both 2.2r2 and 2.2r3 .... I am not sure if this is a bug or
if there is something I am missing. There were no parameters involved with
'lp' so it could be a software problem, fixable (I hope) by downloading the
appropriate driver from the Epson website.

	Similarly, a number of software packages did not install in the final part
due to dependency and other problems which the program suggested could be
fixed by running the install process - again (!). These, however, did not
seem critical ...

	I have to admit that the more I see of Debian, the more I appreciate it.



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Adam, I strongly recommend you get a copy of "Learning Debian
GNU/Linux". You can get this at Dymocks or

Thus spake Adam Bogacki (afb3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> By way of explanation:
> 	I have managed to open a connection via my ISP - which only seems
> to work as root - and found that Balsa sends mail but does receive it at
> the moment; I'm working on it. Mailx, Mutt, Pine, and Elm also do not
> seem to work.

You don't have your mail system configured correctly, this is performed
on installation. Run the below command:

dpkg-reconfigure exim

if that doesnt work, then run:

apt-get install exim

and repeat the first command.

Another thing you may note is that Debian does things securely and
properly. If a user wants to control dialing up, they need to be added to
the appropriate group. Same for playing audio, mounting drives and many
other functions. Have a look in /etc/group