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Re: [SLUG] list broken?

On Thu, 17 May 2001, John Ferlito wrote:

> Everyone with a zip.com.au address got unsubscribed due to zip
> mailserver going down. Hmm should probably post to newsgroups at zip
> about it

Well, it'd be nice if the fscking list admins bloody well TOLD us about

And before anyone says "Didn't you find it unusual?" no, I didn't. The
number of times in recent memory that the list has gone down for periods
of time, only to come back with a sheepish "Sorry, it was broken again"
message is beyond my ability to count on my fingers. I simply assumed this
was another case, hence my message.

How hard is it to do a simple cut and paste of the unsubscribed addresses
and send a courtesy email to everyone hit by the event saying simply
"You've been unsubscribed because of XXXX"?

DaZZa - a bit pissed off