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Re: [SLUG] Finding open files on the system

sounds like


if you wrote your utility in c I would be interested in looking at the
source code, does it parse the /proc file system to get the information?



Andrew Eager wrote:
> At the last meeting,  it was asked:
> " If the disk is spinning madly is there any way to determine which
> process is causing the activity ?"
> A bloody good question that I have asked myself many times.  I used to
> have a utility called 'fopen' under QNX but not under linux.
> If anyone is interested,  I have written a utility called 'fopen' which
> does the following
>   a)  Prints the PID, Process name & Currently open files for that PID
>   b)  as above but for sockets
>   c)  as above but for pipes.
> It also prints either the size of the file (so you can see it growing)
> or optionally, the time since last access/change/modification.
> Example:
>    PID    PROCESS            TIME         FILE/RESOURCE
>   1161   crond                    00:05:18      /var/log/cron
>     ..... etc
> If anyone interested, let me know.
> Andrew E.
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