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Re: [SLUG] Samba

Try defining them as public = yes

I have found that that gets round the problem sometimes.

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On Wed, 9 May 2001, Heracles wrote:

> I have had to set up a machine at school that has one 500Mb IDE drive,
> one 1Gb SCSI drive and six (6) CDROM drives. The CDROMS have to be
> available to all of the other machines on the network in such a way that
> the kids will just have to click on an icon to load the program on the
> CD (Encarta for example). I can get the other machines to see the CD
> Server, but when I try to attach one of the drives I am asked for a
> password. I activated Null Passwords to avoid this problem, but it still
> occurs. Any suggestions would be of assistance. (I am using Red Hat 6
> and the samba that came with it and the machine is an early 486 DX33)
> I have read the docs, bu obviously have missed something.
> Stay well and happy
> Heracles