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Re: [SLUG] Strange behaviour of vim within mutt

On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 01:32:11PM +1000, Mike Lake wrote:

The first reply bounced, sorry if you happen to get this twice.

> When using mutt I have set the editor to vim but the keymappings are wrong.
> The up arrow key when pressed opens the line above and inserts an 'A' though
> sometimes a D or C on that new blank line. if I hit escape before the arrow
> key then its fine the cursor moves up ie the problem occurs during insert
> mode. The problem does not occur when using vim outside of mutt.
> Similarly the down arrow key will give me a 'B' on a new line opened up
> below the current line.

I have seen this problem, but for me it was occurring while
running vim after sshing in (no mutt), so this may not help.

apt-get install vim-rt

Of cause I'm make some big assumptions here :)

I think installing vim-rt fixed the problem for me because vim-rt installs
amongst other things /ec/vimrc which has the line "set nocompatible".  
(plus other good defaults)