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Re: [SLUG] Can't log in to RH7 drive. Ideas ?

Adam F. Bogacki was once rumoured to have said:
> Thanks, C.
> 	I followed your advice in  going into the - I agree - cruddy RH7 LILO
> graphic, using control-x to get into interactive login and typing 'linux
> single'. It told me there were "duplicate/bad" blocks in /dev/hdb1 which
> were fixable via fsck. I ran 'e2fsck -y /dev/hdb1' to fix that problem and
> continued with the boot sequence - only to end up at the same unstable
> situation I have described before.

Yes, and that is just a red herring to your real problem.

Boot single again, and play on your file systems.

Like I said, something is causing your X server to fail which causes
gdm to go into a loop.  Fix that whilst booted single, and you'll fix
your problem - I can't tell you why your X server is broken, but
reading the logs that gdm generates will give you a good start.
> 	I think my options are to continue with setting up the 'tomsrtbt' disk
> mentioned by Ken in an effort to boot via disk, mount file systems to have a
> look at them to see what is wrong and try to fix it - otherwise to install a
> new system. In my case that will probably be Debian.

Nup - like I said, not necessary.  Toms RootBoot is the wrong thing in
this situation.

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