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Re: [SLUG] Why RedHat sucks

On  6 May 2001, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Van Ly">
> > In this information age, we ordinary people have everything to lose to the
> > few powerful people who would prefer us to be ignorant. Those powerful
> > people come in all shades of blue (capitalists) and red (commies).
> Which begs the question: Capitalists and Communists can't be "ordinary
> people"?
>    --> slug-chat!

I can't see how you can make that inference.

Capitalists, Communists and Clowns can be ordinary people.

There is nothing that I said that would exclude ordinary people from
being whatever they can be, however, that they should be ignorant is a
desireable outcome in the minds of a *few*.


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Van Ly