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Re: [SLUG] Little Brother Database and Mutt

This one time, at band camp, Joshua Burvill said:
>the solution, don't know, maybe a script to feed it one message at a time
>from your mbox till all the msgs have been processed.

formail -s lbdb-fetchaddr < slug

formail is a brilliant utility that will read in a mbox file and pipe
each message to he command specfied by the -s option.  It'll do a lot
of other useful things too, like inserting headers and snarfing From:
lines, etc.  Check the list archives for 'procmail', there is a bunch
of recipies from Gus and Jeff that contain rules using formail... and
some useful URLs, like Tom Gilbert's anti-spam .procmailrc.  HTH.  :)


<Jaq> what's wrong with the default? :)
<jdub> It is poopie.