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Re: [SLUG] Little Brother Database and Mutt

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 10:19:06PM +1000, mikel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I liked that Mutt tip about using lbdb that Simon Rumble made some time ago
> and have just installed lbdb and am trying to get it working.  
> Running it manually I have seeded the database by running the script
> lbdd-fetchaddr < slug   (slug is my last years mailing list)

This approach seems only to process the first email in the mbox file-
so youll only get a couple of entries in the db from that.

> This does seem to populate the database as can be seen here:
> mikel$ ls -l .lbdb/
> -rw-------    1 mikel    mikel         309 May  5 21:25 m_inmail.list

309 bytes is v. small, so it probably only has a couple of entries in

It is just a text file so you can just less or cat it to see.

the solution, don't know, maybe a script to feed it one message at a time
from your mbox till all the msgs have been processed.

Hope this helps, Josh