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Re: [SLUG] Crazy Book Review Action!

On  4 May, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Please email back to the list with:
>   - Your favourite Linux or Free Software related quote.

There are a couple that I love the best:

Just go ahead and write your own multitasking multiuser os!
Worked for me all the times.
        -- Linus Torvalds

Oh, and this is another kernel in that great and venerable "BugFree(tm)"
series of kernels.  So be not afraid of bugs, but go out in the streets
and deliver this message of joy to the masses.
        -- Linus, in the announcement for 1.3.27

... and the ultimate:

Software is like sex; it's better when it's free.
        -- Linus Torvalds


Oh yeah, and I'd like to have a look at the Linux Programming book if I
win, please ;)


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