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Re: [SLUG] Why RedHat sucks

OK, and I have a number of equivalent arguments as to why Debian sucks.
For example:  * Why don't they build packages from pristine sources. *
What the fxxk is the name of the program I use to install packages again,
is it dselect, apt-get, or dpkg?  * Why does dselect tell me it's going
to apply a bunch of security fixes to my debian system by _uninstalling_
a whole pile of stuff that I added with apt-get (such as apache, for
example).  * Why on earth do they still insist on running named as root?

Other more useful commercial arguments include that most of the commercial
Linux software (Oracle, Firewall-1, VMware, etc, etc) is targeted at
RedHat and not Debian.  It just makes sense for my clients' sake that I
continue to use Red Hat.

On a more personal note as a software developer, one of my packages is
still floating around the net as a .deb file with _someone else's copyright
notice_ attached to it.  OK, so who gave the Debian developers permission
to change the copyright message on other people's software?  Are they
packaging Oracle 8i in a .deb file with a GPL copyright message on it
too?  I'd like to see that one fly.

I could go on.

I won't.  I've had enough of the arguments either side.  I'm used to
Red Hat, I tried it, I liked it, I tried Debian and I didn't like that
much.  Other people's mileage may vary.

The fact of the matter is, *this is a Linux mailing list*.  It's not
an *I hate RedHat* mailing list or an *I hate Debian* mailing list.
Personally, I don't give a rat's arse what version of Linux other
people use, as long as it weans them off Microsoft, and one day I
may very well find a customer site where I really need to use Debian
instead of RedHat so I will.  I still have one site running a really
old version of slackware because it's small, fast, light, and nobody
can remember what the bugs are any more.

I'm getting rather tired of the *I hate RH* vs *I hate Debian* flame
wars on this list and I just wish they'd all stop.  If you want to
flame something then go find an advocacy list or a net.news group with
a bunch of people who care, 'cos I sure as hell don't.

Simon, sure, a "How to use Debian for RedHat users" might be somewhat
constructive, especially for people like me who use RH 90% of the time
and have to play with the occasional Debian system, but a page that
has the title "Why RedHat sucks" is neither constructive nor useful,
except for Microsoft employees.  I bet Bill Gates has your web site
plastered to the wall of his dunny, with a picture of Larry Ellison
in a chicken suit next to it for added jerk off value.

I strongly suggest, in the interest of the entire world wide Linux
community, that you take it down and replace it with something a
little more user friendly.