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Re: [SLUG] FYI - Net Banking on Linux - Not St George

I always thought that the reason it was called Exchange was that after
you bought it and it didn't work, you could take it back and *exchange*
it for something else! :-)

Morrissey wrote:

> This should not surprise too much, legend has it that the former
> Westpac in-house IT team (it is now mostly outsourced) had an
> enlightened attitude to stabilizing the banks M$ Exch. servers.
> About 2 yrs back unable to get acceptable levels of uptime any other
> way, they decided that Exchang ran best on vmware.  What was so
> enlightened?  They implemented it.
> John
> David wrote:
>> I hate to advocate ANY bank, but Westpac's internet works fine on
>> all of
>> netscape/linux and netscape/mozilla/IE/mac.