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Re: [SLUG] RedHat dependencies

On 04-May-01 Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 11:48:24PM +1000, Jeff Waugh uttered:
>> rpm -Uvh <every package listed here>
>> That usually gets it out of the way. :) Of course, if there are any
>> dependencies missing from those in the list, you will be off hunting again.
>> RPM will handle ordering for you.
> Yes but I have to go and FIND the damn things first!  Why can't I just
> do apt-get install bugzilla and have it worry about the dependencies?!?
>> rpmfind.net has to be the best; there are clients for it, as Dan Veillard
>> (the rpmfind.net admin) wrote one many moons ago. It was this that scored
>> him the job of RHN Dude. :)
> The client breaks (segfaults) on RH 6.1.  Doh!

you really ought to upgrade. dhu.

> This one goes into my "why RedHat sucks" file I'm compiling.  It has a
> few friends including "DHCP package: broken and not fixed for nearly
> two years"

I've been using dhcpcd for well over a year. or did you really mean dhcpd ?

> "Emacs without X: broken"

personally, I don;t like emacs (though I do not recall it broken). Still xemacs
is my preference, and I don't consider that broken either.

> and "Consistently broken man pages".

which ones ? I find teh ones I'm looking for as/when I need 'em.

> Yes this page will be open to third-party additions.

RH, like all other distros has it's strong points and it's weak points. You seem
to be tripping over either points that have long since been fixed (on both my
RH 6.2 and 7.0 systems).


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