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Re: [SLUG] RedHat dependencies

<quote who="Rev Simon Rumble">

> Yes but I have to go and FIND the damn things first!  Why can't I just
> do apt-get install bugzilla and have it worry about the dependencies?!?

Well, there's a lot of reasons for that, but least of all Red Hat. Bugzilla
isn't exactly a packagable application yet... I hope you're just using this
as an example!

> This one goes into my "why RedHat sucks" file I'm compiling.  It has a
> few friends including "DHCP package: broken and not fixed for nearly
> two years", "Emacs without X: broken" and "Consistently broken man
> pages".  Yes this page will be open to third-party additions.

*Please* submit these to Red Hat's bug system. Perhaps I've been infiltrated
by Telsa-isms, but there is no point keeping something like this just for
entertainment's sake... Improve everything. :)

- Jeff

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