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[SLUG] UPS for linux

Hi all,

I'm looking at getting a UPS for a linux server, basically just for the box
itself to allow a vaguely graceful shutdown with saves and no fsck
nightmares. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on what would be a suitable
choice, and advice on any solutions for linux that exist. At the moment I'm
looking at an APC UPS with RS232 (serial) support. The machine in question
is a RH7.1 box, PII with 3 SCSI drives, and a couple of nics. It would be
nice if the monitor stayed up as well to allow some saves etc, though mostly
I just want an automated shutdown. We aren't looking at spending much more
than a few hundred dollars.

Also, I went out to buy a Netgear FA311TX or Intel EEPro based NIC today,
and wound up getting talked into getting a 3com 3C905C-TXM. I was assured
this is a reliable NIC with relatively low CPU demands and sustained high
throughput. Does anyone have any comments on these NICs? Is it a decent NIC
or junk... I bought it to replace the SMC EZ10/100 I got with my ADSL, which
has proven itself to be unstable junk in my motherboard.