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[SLUG] Is PostScript for a Printer worth it for what I want to do?

Jobst Schmalenbach wrote regarding [SLUG] Biggest Corporate
Contributions to 
Free Software:
> Every Adobe based designer package uses it (for obvious reasons) and
> so do most of the others .... and what do they run on? And if you
> a (graphic) designer you couldnt do without a postscript printer,
> the M$ based drivers suck.

Thats brings me to a question...
At home our little BJ-10e has died and I have intended to get a laserjet
some time as we do a lot of printing requiring good quality print. I
been considering a HP LaserJet 2100 ($1500) so I dont have to print off
at uni on my HP 1100. 
(The 1100 holds the paper vertically and is 600dpi, the 2100 is a flat
and 1200x1200 dpi and is basically a small business printer)

Now at uni I use gs to render PostScript to my HP 1100 but was
getting the PostScript option for the 2100 for home. Its $487 at Harris
the option. 

Is it worth it? I will be using it for printing camera ready cp for the
Society of NSW Journal (done in LaTeX) and for other publications. Is
real PS
more noticable at 1200 dpi vs 600 dpi? What actually is the difference?

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