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Re: [SLUG] language jihad

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 12:24:24PM +1000, Ben Leslie wrote:
> > To list a few bad points of Zope:  It's huge, it requires a lot of
> > machine resources, and having getting Zope to play nice with Apache is
> > non-trivial (it likes to ignore the options its own documentation says
> > to use to turn off listening to sockets).
> Add to the list difficult interface for programmers to work with.
> Difficult to learn.

I glad I'm not the only one who thinks its difficult to learn.

> Crap performance.

You can do things to improve it.

> Non standard storage format. (ZODB)

I think this is the biggest draw back, zope supports allot of
open standards, but for what ever reason they didn't go for a standard
storage format.

> (And yes I have used Zope and I do get it - doesn't make it any less crap)

I think its got potential. The thing I like the most about zope is it
encourages good design practices. The only other thing I can compare zope
against is a few cgi scripts I wrote in perl using CGI.pm, and I didn't really
like it much, but thats probably because of my lousy programming skills more
than anything.

Gus has really sold me on embperl, especially the component-based design of
your pages bit. I'm going to look at that next.