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Re: [SLUG] problems with monitor settings

see if you can get the monitor specs, horizontal and vertical refresh
rates, and do a custom monitor install. and select the rates that lie
within the specs.
also do a very generic 640x480 x 256 colours to start with and work your
way up from there.
the bios might need setting to pnp all devices if the motherboard and
card supports it.
also the video card has to have enough memory on board to support the
higher resolution/colours hence starting lower and working your way up.
basic stuff i know, but when you're having problems you have to go back
to basics and work from the known to the unknown.

Philip Wicks wrote:

> hi all
> i have been running (very successfully) mandrake 7.2 on a
> 300mg celeron, mainly to use squid
> in a school network.
> I wanted to set up a second server with a new 600mHz Celeron
> with 256mg ram and a 30 mg  hard drive. The reason I mention
> all this is so you know the config that is having problems.
> I get all the way through installing linux  until I choose a
> monitor and try to test it...it tells me
> that the device is busy. the monitor is nothing exotic nor
> is the video card. They are both on the list given by the
> installer. I am wondernig if it is a bios setting that is
> the culprit but I don't know where
> to start looking; could it be a "new motherboard" that linux
> does not recognise??
> I hope some one can help me
> Regards
> Phil Wicks
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