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Re: [SLUG] Fetchmail setup

Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Andy Eager">
> > So I run fetchmail on my server and have clients (netscape and that other one
> > that I'm not allowed to name) read mail from the server using IMAP also ?
> Yep; and fetchmail is nice for collecting multiple accounts and delivering
> to specific users, etc.

I had a look at fetchmail and set up a simple .fetchmailrc looking like:

   poll  <my_mail_svr> proto auto user "myname" pass "my_pass"

I used imap in place of 'auto' above but that didn't work.  Pressumably my ISP
doesn't support IMAP.  I noticed that with auto it tried imap first anyway then
POP3 which did work.

When it download a test email, it bombed out after the read saying:

  " SMPT connect to localhost failed"

Does this mean I need to have sendmail running as well ?
Can't it just download the messages on its own and leave them somewhere for me to
read them later ?

> [ The answer is to this again is IMAP, your message store is always on the
> server in that case. Thus you can use any client, and all your mail is in
> one place, easy to backup, etc. ]

When you say server, I assume thats my server not the ISP's .
 I cant see anything in fetchmail that tells me how / where the mail is stored.