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Re: [SLUG] Common mail storage Outlook/Netscape

<quote who="Andy Eager">

> Since its so quiet, I thought I'd ask...

[ Check to see if you're still subscribed, there were some issues the other
night with Zip mail-hosted subscribers. ]

> Does anyone know of a way to have Outlook Express & Netscape mail share
> messages ?  (IE: Have a message read from the POP server by Outlook and
> readable in both Outlook & Netscape, whithout doing the obvious and
> forwarding / rereading)

To solve this problem on a *nix platform, have your server run an IMAP
daemon (one particularly good one is Courier IMAP), and use it instead of
POP. POP should be left for dead. Faster than uucp.

> Also is there any way of having Outlook Express store its messages on a
> network filesystem.  I tried setting the location of the message store
> to my 'Z:' drive but it would have any of it.  Upon checking with the
> MS site, I found that OE had to use 'local media'.

This is not a Linux question. In fact, these don't really sound like Linux
questions at all, but as we've come to find out, Free Software can solve
problems you'd never expect it to.

- Jeff

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       configuration tool called gcc." - Elliot Hughes, author of lwm