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Re: [SLUG] Silly ISP type question [ OT ]

if you get perm 56k for $2 a day with one.net, which is 60/month

why not goto telstras bottom adsl plan of 70 something / month ? and then it
is actually permanent...

I am currently with one.net, awaiting my install of adsl next week, and do a
simular setup as mentioned below, just add the nice local transparent proxy
thanks to squid to save even more traffic going out that dosn't need to, but
yeah one.net are prolly the best value for money in dialup.

Daniel Finn

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> Jim Boing wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Yes it's another one of those annoying "What's the
> > best ISP for a Linux user" type questions. Let me
> > start by stating that I'm just off the boat so to
> > speak and hence have little/no knowledge of the ISP
> > situation here.
> >
> > As I'm a cheap b*****d I want to sign up with One Net
> > and their unlimited download. Rang their support chaps
> > the other day and was told a) they don't support Linux
> > and b) they couldn't give me any info (i.e DNS etc)
> > coz I wasn't using their CD installer (run away .. run
> > away!). Now all the basic info is on the site ... I
> > just need to know if anyone here dials in to them, if
> > they have any weird and wonderful login requirements
> > and if they're any good.
> I use One-net and find them particularly good.  My 56K modem with
> gets me a good 6-8K when connected to local sites.  There's no real trick,
> get  ppp to do the work for you (HOWTO-PPP)
> In my system,  I have a 'server' with an  IP-chains firewall and proxy.
> server is set up so that ppp persistantly dials the one-net server
whenever it
> kicks me off (every 4-6 hours).  I just use the power switch on the modem
> connect to the ISP every morning and turn it off at night.  (No safer
> than turning the modem off).
> Also, with  local name-caching you'll get pretty good results:
>  So for cheap full time access to the net:
>     a)    Install a second (3rd, 4th...) telephone line
>     b)    Pay Telstra $17 per month for line rental plus 20c per call (at
most 6
> a day)
>     c)    Pay One-Net  $21.95 a month for unlimited plan
> Apart from the Telstra install costs, about $1-$2 a day will get you full
> access.
> Regards,
> Andrew E.
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