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[SLUG] For great victory!

Right ( cocks flamethrower with underslung advocacy gun )

Perl rocks.


1. Easy to get going. You can write Perl in a style that matches what your
used to. I have seen Perl like Basic, Perl like Shell Script, Perl like C,
and even, god forbid, Perl like Cobol.
2. String based language. A natural for doing web development.
3. Robust module system that let's you link to just about anything (
Databases, mail, ftp, nntp, XML, and many many many others )
4. Objects if you want them ( although admittedly the syntax is a little
odd ).
5. Good seperation between code and content. Do not underestimate this one.
I have a personal grudge against PHP, ASP, and JSP because they embed code
inside the content, making it much more difficult. I have a better opinion
of servlets, but <flamesuit>I still regard *SP as toy
languages.</flamesuit>. I work at what is largely a design agency
<notaplug>( http://amnesia.com.au )</notaplug> who are only recently started
to do coding, and being able to work well with designers really helps. I'm
sure there must be SOMEONE in slug who is a decent designer.
6. There is a fairly good user base of Perl coders.

Now, I've only done a little bit of PHP, so I think someone else would be
much better qualified to tout PHPs advantages.

Mason. Now Mason is a web design system. From the mason page

What Is Mason?
Mason is a powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine.
With Mason you can embed Perl code in your HTML and construct pages from
shared, reusable components

I've only looked at it a little, but I have a feeling it may still suffer
some of the same HTML/code mixing problems, but if your using mod_perl it
looks pretty good. On the downside, it has a higher barrier to entry than
straight Perl does. I don't know if that would be a problem or not. For
those wanting more information, mason is at http://www.masonhq.com. A
general introduction is at http://www.masonhq.com/docs/manual/Mason.html

So, to summarise, I'm personally pre-Perl anti-*SP, and Mason neutral. Oh,
and noticing Ben's mail, I hear nice things about Python, but the number of
people who know it are much lower...

<plug type="shameless">
On another note, I do have some interesting so far unreleased extremely
rapid design tools, and I'm willing to assist with the page.
For a look a brief summary, see http://sourceforge.net/projects/appspace/


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Subject: [SLUG] language jihad

> Noted with interest about the use of "mason" as a potential language for
> the development of the SLUG site... and I need to learn a language for web
> development and database (postgres? mysql?) similar to the SLUG
> requirements.
> PERL, PHP, mason? what the hell is mason? There have also been other
> languages mentioned that I've never heard of.
> I don't know any current language (I was a cobol programmer in the 70's).
> I remember someone on list being incredibly disparaging of PHP.
> A language jihad might guide me (and others?) which direction to take, and
> avoid false prophets. What are the serious strengths and weaknesses, and
> which are ridiculously difficult to learn. Do they relate to other
> languages or are they are a blind alley. Any other thoughts? If this list
> is the wrong place to pose this question, where would be better?
> David.
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