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Re: [SLUG] language jihad

David was once rumoured to have said:
> Noted with interest about the use of "mason" as a potential language for
> the development of the SLUG site... and I need to learn a language for web
> development and database (postgres? mysql?) similar to the SLUG
> requirements.
> PERL, PHP, mason? what the hell is mason? There have also been other
> languages mentioned that I've never heard of.

Mason [aka HTML::Mason] is one of the two `embeded perl' systems for
mod_perl.  The other one is EmbPerl.

Mason's web page is at http://masonhq.com/

HTML::Mason uses a component model - you construct your pages out of
components, which can execute arbitary Perl, in addition to containing

Its a nice environment to work with - and has drastically improved in
recent times.  (Error reporting is no longer confusing, as I
discovered much to my own personal joy last night).

And as I discovered last night, there are some really nice ways to set
up things like Session tracking in it using the standard Perl modules.

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