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Re: [SLUG] Linux on Compaq PDAs

On 27 Jul 2001 21:54:27 +1000, Jon Biddell wrote:
> Yes, I believe the IPAQ H3660 (or 3670, depending who you believe) can take 
> IBM's 380M Microdrive,

More importantly, they can take the 1GB microdrive, given a CF sleeve.
And if you're particularly gung ho, you can get the PC card sleeve, and
put in one of those funky Toshiba hard disks - I believe they're up to
5GB now?

In practice, don't expect it to be a replacement for your laptop - you
can't scribble as fast as you can type. The UI has serious issues left
to resolve as far as controlling apps goes, the lack of screen real
estate is a major shortcoming - although possibly more in the paucity of
applications written to work well in such an environment - and their I/O
capabilities are quite limited (although, having said that, there is a
dual PC card sleeve for the iPAQ which you could theoretically populate
with HDD and 802.11b card).

Fun toys, though :)