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Re: [SLUG] apt-get unmet dependencies

<quote who="David Fitch">

> which I don't want to do (I don't need or want the netkit pkg, apt-proxy
> is working fine).  Incidentally I found apt-proxy as both .tar.gz and .deb
> format (it's only a single script and a conf file basically) but chose the
> .deb for consistency.  In hindsight it might have been easier to use the
> .tar.gz then apt-get wouldn't have known it was installed.

Debian - like Red Hat though only more so - will positively barf if you try
to be smart with the package manager. More often than not, tricking the
package manager (rpm or dpkg) only causes problems, and is seldom necessary.

[ Using --force* on Debian and Red Hat does not result in working, easily
administrable systems. It leads to having your favourite Linux distribution
feel and operate like a proprietary Unix OS. This is not good. ]

On Debian you have the following options (in order of at least my

  * Rebuild from testing or unstable source packages (dpkg-buildpackage),
    taking into account existing packages for dependencies

  * Build from upstream source, stow into /usr/local (apt-get install stow)

  * Use alien to import RPMs or other packages (this is seriously ugly when
    you're used to Debian, I've never needed to for anything than the odd
    piece of proprietary software)

- Jeff

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